SOPAS Engineering Tool

SOPAS Engineering Tool 4.3

Finds and updates connected SICK sensors
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Identify all SICK sensors connected to a personal computer and view the list with detailed descriptions of the status and version of each one. The program provides configuration options for the custom functioning of each compatible units. Device comparison and data recording are also possible.

SOPAS Engineering Tool is a configuration software. SOPAS ET configuration software begins searching for connected SICK sensors and displays them. Detected sensors can be selectively integrated into the project. SOPAS ET automatically establishes a connection and pulls up suitable drivers.

If none are available, they are loaded from the Internet or directly from the sensor. There is no need for extensive searches and installation of drivers. Sensors are presented clearly as tiles or lists. Double-clicking on a tile opens a window for configuring the sensor. Assistants and integrated workflows provide support. Additional tools such as device comparison, data recorders, terminals as well as sensor emulators round off the range of functions.

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